This workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of Integral Coaching: a proven way of working with others to evoke both effectiveness and fulfillment.

This course is for

  • Leaders, managers and others looking to learn fundamental coaching skills
  • Those considering applying to the Professional Coaching Course (this class fulfills the prerequisite)

Discover new possibilities for working with and relating to others
Through powerful exercises, dialogue and practice, you will discover new ways of listening, speaking, and understanding others that will immediately benefit your personal and professional relationships.

What you will come away with



and listen to others in a profound way by paying attention to their unique language, emotional mood, and way of interpreting the world



when someone is open to coaching and how to enroll them in a coaching relationship


the key stages in any coaching relationship and the coaching skills needed to guide clients through them


your own competence as a coach and identify the next steps in your development


new possibilities for effective action in your work and life

Hear from students in recent classes …

"Incredibly deep. A wonderful demonstration of how Integral Coaching feels from both a client and coach perspective. Transformative."

"I was deeply impressed and nourished by the session. Especially impressive to feel this way, considering that it was all over Zoom! The frequent breakouts were essential, and kept my energy up."

"I love the experiential nature of the class, the masterful space creation and facilitation, and the overall holding container you create."

"The course seemed to be well adapted for the virtual platform. I really enjoyed the coaching practice sessions, small groups, and pair discussions. The long lunch break was helpful as well."

Are you ready to achieve more with NVW?

We are committed to every student meeting high objective standards, staying on course with their intentions, and having the inner and outer resources necessary to keep unfolding long after the course is complete.

Our programs are not about “adding tools to our toolbox;” rather, they bring about a radical, lasting way of being that has our students be open, alive and moving dynamically in concert with the potential and complexity of their coaching clients.

Experience the transformational power of our programs for yourself and get started today.

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